Allies: The Trial

Allies: The Trial continues the story of Colonel Phil Sambrook, a veteran of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and Colonel Kurt Richter, a former commander of Joint Task Force 2 started in the novel, Allies: The Inquiry and its prequel novella, Allies: Anaconda.

The TrialSambrook is in Afghanistan completing the investigation of a failed special forces mission when he is retasked to investigate the hostage taking of an international team of archaeologists in Herat. Joined by Richter, who is himself in Afghanistan assisting with the stand up of Canada’s new force deploying to Kandahar, they lead a team of American, Canadian and Australian special forces personal tasked to rescue the hostages who have been moved by the Taliban to Panjwaii.

The mission leads through Italy and Hawaii to Perth, Australia and their participation at a court martial and the defence against a terrorist attack. Along the way the novel continues the exploration of the make-up and character of its principal characters and allies; military, civilian and their opponents.

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