Wolf Riedel was born in Berlin Germany and grew up in Toronto Ontario. While in high school he started what would eventually become a forty-four year career with the army in both the reserve force and the regular force.

RiedelHe served with the artillery, the infantry and finally with the Office of the Judge Advocate General where, as a Colonel, he was Canada’s senior Reserve Force Legal Officer and was awarded the Order of Military Merit.

He left the regular force to start a second career as a lawyer in Manitoba practising primarily in the field of civil litigation. He is a life bencher with the Law Society of Manitoba, was a hearing officer with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission and was appointed a Queen’s Counsel.

He and his wife Kathy now live on the shores of Lake Erie and in Florida.

Allies: The Inquiry is his first novel and the first in a series of books which follow the lives of several soldiers from the United States, Canada and other allied forces as they risk their lives fighting the Global War on Terror.

The Allies books are available at: Amazon , Smashwords and through Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other distributors


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