Now Available – Allies: The Coast

Do you like police procedurals and military fiction? Allies: The Coast provides action in both venues.

The Coast is the sixth novel in the “Allies” series and the third involving its U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command characters following on the events of Allies: The Bay and The Gulf.


Chief Warrant Officer 2 Mark Winters of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) is faced with the murder of a special forces officer and the poisoning of the officer’s wife while on vacation at a beautiful Atlantic coast resort.

The investigation takes him to Mumbai, India and into a broader scheme of kidnapping, extortion and corruption. Together with an inspector from the Indian Federal Criminal Bureau of Investigation, he must unravel the intricacies of both the original murder and the kidnapping of the officer’s wife both in Mumbai and in the dangerous border region of Kashmir.

Winters path crosses with General Phil Sambrook’s son Brian, who had foregone an appointment to West Point in order to enlist in the 75th Ranger Regiment. His platoon is deployed on black special operations operating in both Afghanistan and within Pakistan.

Allies: The Coast is available at: Amazon , Smashwords and through Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other distributors


Author: Wolf Riedel

WOLF RIEDEL is a lawyer and retired army officer with service in the artillery, infantry and with the Judge Advocate General. He and his wife live on the shores of Lake Erie and in Florida.

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