Now Available – Allies: The Gulf

If you like police procedurals and military fiction, Allies: The Gulf provides action in both venues.

The Gulf is the fifth novel in the “Allies” series and the second involving its U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command characters following on the events of Allies: The Bay.

In Ocala, Florida, twThe Gulfo Army National Guard members are brutally murdered and their pre-teen daughters abducted. Local investigators believe the murders to be incidental to the abduction and concentrate their efforts on sex offenders in local the area. For the young apprentice hitman,  however, the abduction was the last thing he wanted and the girls continued existence is more a complication to his life than anything else.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Mark Winters of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) in Lakeland Florida and his team, on the other hand, while equally haunted by the fate of the girls, comes to believe that the murders are part of string of continuing murders in a war between opposing drug cartels and the smugglers of automatic weapons operating within Florida. Their investigation leads them to the heart of the cartels’ operations in Mexico.

Meanwhile General Phil Sambrook’s has to focus on the investigations involving the potential misconduct of two separate special operations teams in Afghanistan.

Allies: The Gulf and the rest of the Allies series of books are available at: Amazon , Smashwords and through Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other distributors.


Author: Wolf Riedel

WOLF RIEDEL is a lawyer and retired army officer with service in the artillery, infantry and with the Judge Advocate General. He and his wife live on the shores of Lake Erie and in Florida.

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